Think Global, Act Local


Are you wondering how to find a factory to manufacture your LED lamps and lights? Or how to bring manufacturing back home?

We are proud to present an industrial innovation that challenges the manufacturing of mass products in cheap labor cost countries. With the ANT Plant microfactory concept, you can take manufacturing profitably back into your own, local hands. ANT Plant is an easy manufacturing solution for companies in the electronics industry who wish to offer their customers high-quality, locally-produced goods.

ANT Plant is a solution that keeps costs as low as possible while keeping customers happy.

ANT Plant is a robotized, quick-to-adopt production plant where the mass production of goods is easy thanks to our turnkey solution. You don’t need to be manufacturing expert because we’ll take care of material acquisitions and factory maintenance and lifecycle for you.

We promise to do our part in keeping your business healthy and making your brand successful also in the future. We are like an ant that offers its plant vitality, opportunities for growth and security.

Your ANT Plant -microfactory is powered by EID Tech.

To us Everything Is Doable.

If you say YES to local manufacturing, contact us!


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