First  ANT Plant for LED tubes was piloted in Finland in 2016. Almost one million quality LED light tubes are manufactured at a local microfactory every year.

ANT Plant is an industrial innovation by the Finnish automation company EID Tech, developed by our CEO Jari Helminen and our chairman of the board Paavo Käkelä with their associates.

The inspiration for developing the innovation was a desire to find a means of making mass production of goods at local production plants profitable again. With the ANT Plant microfactory concept, we challenge mass production in cheap labor cost countries and bring manufacturing back home.

Think Global, Act Local

Our value is Think Global, Act Local. We improve local welfare everywhere in the world where the ANT Plant microfactory concept is adopted. Local manufacturing with its supplier network produces work and tax revenue. We also support our customers’ sustainable development goals, as the ANT Plant microfactory is energy-efficient and sustainable.

Our customer promise

We promise to do our part in keeping your business healthy and making your brand successful also in the future. We are like an ant that offers its plant vitality, opportunities for growth and security.

Your ANT Plant -microfactory is powered by EID Tech.

To us Everything Is Doable.

If you say YES to local manufacturing, contact us!



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